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The Pathway

The Shoreline Church’s discipleship Pathway is a journey designed to bring you closer to Jesus and to His community – the Body of Christ.

Welcome to The Pathway at The Shoreline Church! Each step along this journey is designed to bring you closer to Jesus and to His community – the Body of Christ. If you are new to The Shoreline, we would highly recommend that you get started with one of our Discover Tours. These periodic tours take place during the 11:15am service on specific dates and are led by one of our pastors.


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Alive To God’s Love

Coming alive to God’s love is how it all begins and our deep desire is that each person at The Shoreline would experience this incredible love and awaken to the freedom and grace found only in Jesus Christ. We encourage everyone to begin their journey with us by participating in Starting Point, which is the first step along the Pathway.

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One outward step of showing you have understood and accepted this love is to get baptized.  If you think this may be the next step in your journey, we would love to celebrate with you! 

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Anchored In Truth

The second step on our discipleship Pathway is to be anchored in God's truth. Life can get overwhelming. The battle is real and our enemy is relentless. Yet when we drop our anchor deep into God’s truth, we find the strength, perspective, and joy to stand firm amidst the storm.

Our Essentials class will help you do just this. The class meets for 8 weeks and, like Starting Point, is highly conversational with a focus on embracing core theological truths which lead to authentic transformation.

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A simple but powerful way to become anchored at The Shoreline is to join a Life Group, which are small weekly gatherings to share life and go deeper into into Sunday’s sermon. These groups seek to practically live out what it means to be family, missionaries, and servants together.

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Activated for a Life of Purpose

Once we have come alive to God’s love and are anchored in truth, we can then fully realize how God has activated us to live a life of purpose. God created each on of us uniquely and he has gifted and blessed us so we can be a blessing to others!

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DNA Groups (3-4 people) are smaller than Life Groups and more focused on content. Each group meets for 6-8 weeks and aims to Discover the truth of God’s Word, Nurture faith in Christ, and putting intentions into Action (D.N.A.) There are always new men’s and women’s DNA Groups forming! Please click the box below to be placed into a group.