At The Shoreline

Church is more than an hour and a half on a Sunday. While Sunday’s and sermons are great, they simply aren’t enough. God has designed us to be in meaningful relationship with one another, but this isn’t always easy to find. This is why Groups at The Shoreline exist — to help make life changing relationships available to you!


Which kind of group is right for me?


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Knowing others and being known are essential parts of living a life of faith.

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, joining a group will help you grow in your walk with God as you make real friends who will encourage you in the journey. Click the link below to see a full list of Groups available and find a place to connect today! 

Leading a group is simpler than it sounds. It’s about saying, “yes” to helping others connect with God and with each other. Whether it’s a Life Group, DNA Group, Mens or Women's group, or something new you are passionate about starting, we want to train and equip you with the tools you will need to make your group a success.


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