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Men of the Shoreline


We believe that marriages flourish, kids thrive, and cultures are impacted when men understand their true identity and begin to function from that identity.

In a time where caricatures of men are commonplace, and society’s depictions of men laughable, we believe that engaging men with a compelling biblical vision for their lives is vital. Every man at The Shoreline is challenged to deepen his walk with Jesus, experience strength in community, and grow in his leadership development. Through Bible studies, DNA Groups, retreats, and other intentional gatherings, men at The Shoreline have incredible opportunities to experience discipleship to Jesus in exciting and life-giving ways!

There is no greater way to start your morning than with a cup of coffee, a few good friends, and the Word of God!

The Shoreline Men’s Tuesday morning Bible study has been meeting for many years. We meet year round, even through summer, with the intention of growing in our understanding of God, together.  The topics change throughout the year, usually coinciding with Sunday morning messages. 

No registration required. 

First Wave Men’s Study

Tuesdays | 6:30am - 7:30am | In the Cafe

join a dna group

These are small groups (3-4 people) who meet regularly to follow Jesus together by Discovering the truth of God’s Word, Nurturing faith in Christ and putting intentions into Action (D.N.A.) There are always new men’s DNA Groups forming! Please click the box below to be placed into a group.


Eric Rodriguez

Volunteer Director of Men

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Women of the Shoreline


The Women of The Shoreline are excited for all that God has in store for 2019! Our desire is to arise and step into all that He has equipped and empowered us to be and do for the glory of Jesus Christ.

We as Women of The Shoreline desire first and foremost to grow in deeper intimacy with Jesus and more excellent knowledge of His Word. Firmly anchored in truth and awakened by His Spirit we step forward as women who are positioned uniquely, equipped profoundly and moved by love to love. It is our desire to create a welcoming environment within each of our opportunities that are comfortable and by which women can be vulnerable and transparent with one another.  We encourage women to engage in the study God's Word more deeply, prayer more effectual and community more intentionally which will lead them into a life of maturity and transformation into Christ’s image. The result will be a stronger community of women, rooted and grounded in Christ, equipped and empowered to arise into their calling and God’s Kingdom purposes for His glory and our joy.

Arise, walk through the length and the breadth of the land, for I will give it to you.
— GENESIS 17 : 13

Shannon Davidson

Volunteer Director of women

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Marriage & Family


It’s been said that getting married is easy but staying married is hard. The truth is that without God’s grace and our consistent effort, marriage can easily drift toward selfishness, apathy, and pursuing the path of least resistance.

This year, choose to believe God for more in your marriage. Choose to trust Him for newness, power, and fresh grace as you pursue your spouse with all the strength that God provides. We want to partner with you in this pursuit and are excited to offer a variety of opportunities.

Our desire is to equip couples in the Shoreline Church community with resources to build a strong and healthy Christ-centered marriage.

We are committed to protecting, training and building marriages that will last a lifetime. 

Premarital Counseling

Did you or someone you know get engaged recently? Great news! The Shoreline provides an enjoyable & comprehensive premarital program designed to give couples a strong foundation for a joyful marriage that will last a lifetime.

If you are an engaged couple we invite you to invest in your future marriage by completing this fulfilling premarital mentoring program.

Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for married couples who would like to get involved in marriage opportunities. Serving together is a great way to stay connected and support other couples who desire to keep their marriages healthy. We need help developing online marriage resources, bible studies and a marriage mentoring program.

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Alan & Patti Peviani

Volunteer Directors of marriage